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  • Leadership Responsibility - The Power of Service  By : Shantera Chatman
    When you think of the word “serve”, what comes to mind? Do you think of a waitress, butler or some other form of pleasing others? Do you think of leaders? If not, you should. The truth is responsible leaders are servants. “Servants to whom?” you may ask. Servants to your team, that’s who and to take it a step further; your organization.
  • Accountability and Mentoring: The Perfect Partnership  By : Jay Dewhurst
    In a mentoring relationship, both parties should not only be held accountable, but should have a complete buy-in to the concept of accountability, recognizing that it brings with it high performance and effectiveness in the relationship. In the accountable mentoring relationship, each party plays an important role by focusing on four primary areas; goals and expectations, progress monitoring, and measurement and feedback. By working on each of these areas, both mentor and mentee will maximize the effectiveness of the relationship, providing each with a high level of satisfaction.
  • Developing Your Inner Adult: Part 1-- Moving Beyond Blaming  By : William Frank Diedrich
    I define an adult as someone who takes 100 % responsibility for his or her life and situation. Every blaming thought you hold is an obstacle---an obstacle to your success. Blaming is just a story that we tell ourselves, and in the story we distort reality in order to justify ourselves--in order make ourselves feel right or better than the other person. ow do we move beyond blaming?
  • Tell Him We're Not Interested!  By : Wayne Messick
    From time to time I am asked by business advisors, senior level managers, and successors in privately held or family owned companies, if I have any special insights that will magically get the owners of their company to lighten up.
  • How to Learn from Your Leadership Mistakes  By : Steven Sonsino
    Success can stop you learning, but mistakes can kickstart change.
  • Accountable Or Responsible - That Is The Question  By : Martin Haworth
    Are you ready to step up to the big time?

    The reason I ask, is a lesson I learnt once when I got myself promoted...
  • Accountability is The Key to Exemplary Customer Service  By : Paula Switzer
    Are you frustrated with employees who don't know the meaning of accountability? Learn how to create a culture where employees become accountable and customer service is exemplary.
  • Non Financial Measures - Making Them Meaningful  By : Paul Phillips
    Measuring performance is important but not always easy once we’ve got past the easy parts such as sales and budgets. The less quantifiable parts of a job also have to be measured.
  • Transform Your Organization With Facilitative Leadership  By : Glenn Brome
    Effective leadership is a critical factor in the success of every organization. Learn the skills necessary for facilitative leadership to transform your organization and the bottom line.
  • The ACCOUNTABILITY Challenge for Today’s Business Management  By : Leanne Hoagland-Smith
    What does it mean to be accountable as a business owner or executive in today's global marketplace? How do you keep yourself accountable? Maybe these ideas will help you create your own Plan of Action.
  • The Circular Blame Game  By : Saleem Rana
    We tend to forget that we create the circumstances that we bemoan. By taking responsibility for being at cause, we can then do something about it. We don't have to be victims to effect.
  • Are You Engaged?  By : Ian Christie
    Whether it is job satisfaction, career development or job search success, things may not be going your way. When this happens, there is a natural tendency to disengage, to unplug. You go through the motions, but part of your mind is elsewhere, unfocussed.

    You can instantly recognize people who are fully engaged. They are focused, working on what is most important at that time, and committed. And you can recognize those who are not. Which are you?

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