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  • Customer Service Is Not An 'Add On' Initiative.  By : Jed McCall
    Success tips gained from years in the retail industry. This approach and mindset to your people has far reaching effects, not only on your own business success but equally on the quality of those you manage.
  • Improving Customer Service Through Negative Feedback  By : Monica Nolan
    Addressing negative customer feedback is a vitally important customer service task for companies that want to improve and grow customer engagement. This article describes just how a company can turn negative customer feedback into a positive experience for the customer and the company.
  • Are You Destroying Loyalty  By : Rashid Kotwal
    Business, like art, imitates life. Your success in business, like life, is primarily dependent on your relationships. And relationships are built on two things - trust and loyalty.
  • The Parable Of The Indifferent Customer  By : Rashid Kotwal
    Let me ask you a question. Are you losing customers without even knowing about it? Do you chug along, day to day, and suddenly wonder where Fred went and realise you haven't seen him for months or even years?
  • Is The Customer Always Right?  By : Pamela Bruner
    I'm going to make the radical suggestion that whether the customer is right is of absolutely no importance. What is important is how you handle the situation of an upset customer. This is important from both a practical and spiritual perspective: Spiritually speaking, if you can maintain your calm and professionalism in the face of upset, you're going to feel better about yourself, and attract more great customers.
  • After Sales Customer service With Autoresponders  By : Tabrej Khan
    Ideally, when you perform customer service, it is done on a one-on-one basis with each of your customers. That works quite well in the offline world – but on the Internet, that simply will not do. Your customers are literally all over the world, and there is no way that you can really deal with each one of them personally. That is where an autoresponder comes in. Customer service with autoresponders is quite simple. When an order is place, an autoresponder can send out the...
  • Motivating Customers With More Than Price  By : Monica Nolan
    Traditional economic thinking concludes that consumers will naturally gravitate to the best products and services that offer the most competitive price. But recent studies of consumer experiences highlight that an emotional connection has an equal to if not potentially greater influence on how consumers spend. This article explores how consumers' emotions in conjunction with prices and quality create increased customer engagement.
  • Seven Ways to Retain Customers Even in a Recession  By : Ram Rengel
    During tough times, as we are experiencing right now, finding new customers to your business is equally tough—in some cases even impossible. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot prosper and be profitable. And this can be done only by retaining your current customers, and possibly asking them for more sales or increasing the frequency of their purchase.

    Below are seven steps that you can undertake to retain customers and win even during a recession.
  • Handling Challenging Situations with a Customer-Focused Mindset  By : Terence Traut
    Customer service often means dealing with angry, frustrated, or rude customers. Dealing with those customers effectively can often make or break a company. This article presents a five-step process for dealing with difficult customers.
  • Promote Your Business With Quality  By : Don Dewsnap
    This article describes the link between the principles of quality and success in business, with specific steps that can be taken by any businessperson to use that link.
  • Satisfy Your Customers  By : Kelly Church
    This article discusses ways to make sure you keep your customers satisfied. Hiring good employees, having zero tolerance for disrespect, and making negative situations positive can help you keep your patrons coming back for more.
  • Who Are Your Customers?  By :
    Are you aware of who your customers are? Are they male or female? What is their age? Are they married or single? If you answered no to any these questions you are not alone. Many organizations are unaware of who their customers are.
  • Customer Service Training Remains Inadequate  By :
    Most organizations still do not provide comprehensive, let alone adequate, training in today's marketplace.
  • Customer Retention Can Be Easy!  By : Ruth Klein
    Here are FIVE fast ways to attract more business and keeping customers coming back to you year-round
  • All Customer Feedback is NOT Created Equal: A Guide for Dealing with Disgruntled Customers  By : Curtis Bingham
    Customer feedback is critical—but not all customers should be listened to! You have to pay the most attention to your best customers and you might just be better off ignoring your worst customers.
  • Building Client Relationships  By : Pam Kennett
    Many consultants believe that once they've made the sale they can take the relationship for granted. However, good long term relationships take alot of time and work to keep them effective and generating income. This article summarises the six key steps an individual can take to ensure that client negotiations run smoothly.
  • Three Steps to Creating Exceptional Customer Experience  By : Bill Zipp
    People come to businesses today with dramatically different expectations than they did even a few years ago. They don’t want an ordinary product or run-of-the mill service, they want an experience. And it is the experience that keeps customers coming back again and again and again, or the lack of it that drives them away.
  • Selling Yourself  By : Robert Thomson
    So often the personal aspects of creating a positive, successful business relationship are overlooked. This is the technique that all CEO’s and corporate giant directors started out utilizing. They were not born the head of a major company. They worked to get there, and they started with themselves.
  • Keep Customers Happy While Your Are Away  By : Wendy Maynard
    Whether you work in a regular office or out of your home, it is very important to take time off to refresh and recharge. Of course, when you take time off, you want to be sure your customers are in good hands while you are away. Author Wendy Maynard provides tips on how to keep customers happy while you are away.
  • Listen to What Your Customers Are Saying  By : Sharon Housley
    Mastering the art of managing customer complaints can seem like a thankless job, but keep in mind that for every customer that shares their worries, concerns or complaints, there are likely more that did not express their dissatisfaction, and instead simply moved on to a competitor.
  • Learn The Secrets Of Customer Experience That Drive Ultra High Business Performance  By : Robert Howard
    Customer satisfaction can be an extremely valuable business asset. In fact, companies that lead in customer satisfaction have proven to achieve ultra high business performance. In order to unlock the secrets of customer satisfaction, companies must first focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience.
  • Customer Service: A Missing Skill?  By : Mandy Leonard
    You have to make more sales! This is the message that is drilled into every salesperson’s mind on a daily basis. Usually they’re expected to achieve this through cold calling and other age-old techniques in a hope that they will be able to make a sale. However, this single-minded focus on sales figures tends to leave the customer unhappy and unwilling to buy from the salesperson a second time. How is this possible?
  • Customer and Client Rapport: Why Should They Care About You?  By : Jack Deal
    Customers drive all the action. If your business can develop a relationship it can develop customer loyalty.
  • The Power of Delighting a Customer  By : Darryl Rosen
    A thoughtful gesture can delight a customer and result in enormous good will toward your product or service. I witnessed something spectacular that improved my philosophy about caring about customers. With one simple act, a colleague of mine created buzz that money could not buy!
  • Are Your Policies Driving Your Customers Crazy?  By : Adele Sommers
    There are a variety of ways in which we might be inadvertently frustrating our customers and clients. One of the most common involves our policies and procedures, which may be unnecessarily confusing or restrictive. By being alert for situations that put our customers on the defensive and handling those situations gracefully, we can retain our customers’ loyalty and avoid driving them away.
  • What is your Lagniappe?  By : Ed Horrell
    Ed Horrell, professional speaker, radio host and author teaches you how to apply "a little extra" effort to improve your customer attraction, retention and satisfaction.
  • Why Provide Good Customer Service  By : Kevin Sinclair
    If there are no customers, then there is no business. If there is no business then you do not have a job. It does not even matter if yours is not a customer-facing job. Customers are needed.
  • Generating Customer Loyalty  By : Pj Germain
    Becoming and staying customer-intimate requires more than building client knowledge and having expertise in reengineering our customers business processes. We must offer more than just service. We need to maintain a broad product line that can be configured to the specific needs of a customer.
  • A Sure Fire Way to Say You Do Not Care About Your Customers!  By : Paul Donihue
    There are many ways to show your customers that you care about them. Let me share one that tells your customers that YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEM. Remember, my friend, that in business it is sometimes the little things that begin to tear down the company that we have worked so hard to build.
  • Customer Service and The Human Experience  By : Rosanne Dausilio, Ph.D.
    Historically, customer service was delivered over the phone or in person. Customers didn’t have many choices, and switching to competitors was cumbersome. Today, these methods are but two of the many possible touch points of entry for any given interaction.
  • 5 Ways of Increasing Business Profits  By : Graeme Nichol
    5 simple ways at looking to increase your bottom line
  • 5 Steps To Making Your Customer Happy  By : Tony Jacowski
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you – The golden rule of customer relationship management
  • Top Ten Tips for Outstanding Customer Service  By : Martin Haworth
    Keeping customer service focus simple is the key to enabling all of your people in the front line. Delivering the following Top Ten Tips for Customer Service well, will make sure your people make the very best of their customer relationships.
  • Company Policy Does More Damage to Customer Service Than Anything Else  By : Alan Boyer
    Company policy is frequently the biggest barrier between customer satisfaction and your company.

    It can start with either
    o Company policy
    o Employee trying to do the right thing, but in their eyes the right thing is protecting the company from the stupid customer.
  • Make Customers Come Back - Winning Customer Retention Strategies  By : John Morris
    Customer Retention marketing is a tactically-driven strategy to keep relationships with customers going and increase customer interest. This strategy relies on the study of customer behavior...
  • How To Turn Your Clients Into Raving Fans  By : Jim Klein
    Here's two customer service tips to help you turn your clients into raving fans.
  • 3 Special Tips To Retain Your Loyal Clients  By : Tom Perkins
    Learn how paying more attention to your repeat clients, will likely increase your profitability.
  • A Guide For Customer Service Training Tools  By : Bob Hett
    Let’s face it, good customer service can make or break a company. Even if the product is top-notch, if the sales representatives don’t have great customer service skills, it doesn’t matter. Customer service should be a number one priority to any business.
  • Customer Service Problems--Help Your Employees Look at a Customer Complaint from the Customer’s View  By : Alan Boyer
    Too many times employees tend to look at a customer complaint, or even a request for help, as an opportunity to do a CYA.

    When you hear an employee saying, "Stupid customer" that is an opportunity for you, as the business owner, or manager, to ask them to find out
    1) What the customer really wanted, and make sure they get it.
    2) Look for a way to prevent the problem for the next customer.
    A CYA statement doesn't deliver the customer what he wants, nor resolve the company problem.

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