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  • Driving Higher Levels of Performance on the Corporate Racetrack: Finish First  By : Karla Brandau
    Your organizational success is built on your ability to produce and be a finisher. Motivate and reward yourself... by adopting these principles to finish first...
  • Intuition and leadership: How to lead with your gut  By : Phil Dourado
    You lead better if you trust your gut, says Phil Dourado in this short article. It's how George Soros makes investment decisions and how economist Kjell Nordstrom’s fisherman father knows where the fish are. But, there’s a great distrust of instinct and intuition in business leadership today.
  • When Jack Welch blew up the plant: What Leaders need to know about failure  By : Phil Dourado
    Failure is not the opposite of success, says Phil Dourado, author of The 60 Second Leader, and of The Little Book of Leadership, and founder of www.TheLeadershipHub.com . Organizations, particularly their formal leaders, need to re-think failure, he argues in this short article, which he begins with an observation from Arnold Schwarzenegger, before going on to explain what happened when a young manager called Jack Welch accidentally blew up the plant he was working in.
  • Accepting Thanks With Good Grace  By : Martin Haworth
    There is a huge value in accepting help in your business, to build your own capacity as well as growing your team too.

    And often, when we are given a compliment, or someone says 'Thank you', we feel it is polite to gently decline. We say things like 'It's nothing' or 'No, no - it was all you'. Yet there's much more to it than that...
  • 5 Types Of Bosses and How To Deal With Them  By : Tony Jacowski
    Do you have a boss that you just have a hard time dealing with? Want to know how to handle them without putting your career in jeopardy? This article examines the 5 types of bosses and gives you the insight you need to be able to negotiate around them successfully!
  • Knowing the Boundaries - and Keeping Staff Out of Trouble  By : Paul Phillips
    Avoiding claims by employees and staying on the right side of employment legislation is a constant concern for managers but it just takes a bit of planning to set the guidelines and avoid the worry.
  • How To Manage A Crisis  By : Anna Johnson
    Here's What To Do If You Get Caught In a Workplace Crisis -- And You're Expected To Solve It!
  • How to Easily Unlock Your Leadership Genius  By : Daegan Smith
    In psychology, a famous doctor said the mind is like an iceberg with only a tip visible above the water and the larger part is submerged. Studies show that humans only use 10% of the brain in doing the various tasks everyday. The other 90% is just kept in storage.
  • Lead the Field to Guarantee your Success; Tips to become a good Leader  By : Daegan Smith
    Being a good leader is more than just being able to manage your employees or having better skills than your subordinates. Oftentimes leaders arenít very skillful or very smart, but they earn respect from their underlings and therefore earn their cooperation. Being a good leader entails responsibility and willingness, not just skill and intelligence.
  • Mentoring and the Give and Take From It  By : jim mack
    Mentoring can not only be a great blessing, but a fantastic way to learn
  • Leadership - What kind of Legacy will you Leave?  By : lee stemm
    As a leader what kind of legacy will you leave? Are you cosistent with your leadership and lead from integrity and character. taking responsiblity to respons proactively to situations so that you build your skills around leadership

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