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  • How To Network At Business Events  By : Bob Malloney
    Many people find networking at business events somewhat awkward and therefore fail to take advantage to a golden opportunity to promote themself and their organisation. This article gives simple tips to allow you to network effectively and maybe even enjoy yourself at networking events.
  • The 6 Essential Functions of a Business Leader  By : Duncan Brodie
    The role of the business leader is both large and complex. There are at least 6 functions that will be undertaken, no matter what industry, sector or type of organisation in which they operate. What are they?
  • Pricing for Profit in Your Small Business  By :
    This article describes a pricing strategy that will help you generate more profit for your small business.
  • Who's Following?  By : March M. Villareal
    The demand on leadership is higher than ever before. Strangely enough, it’s not because we’ve just all of a sudden found out that leadership is important, but because it’s getting harder to lead teams that have grown more and more self-centered. You remember the old saying, “too many chiefs, not enough Indians”? Such as is our gigantic modern American problem. How do we lead a nation that doesn’t know how to follow?
  • Why Relationships are Important in Leadership?  By : Jean Baptiste Kamate
    Leadership can be defined as a power relation between leaders and followers. Power implies some level of authority and there is a sense that leaders exercise it over followers. Such situation requires that leaders adjust their role and function in order to sustain effective relationships with their followers. This article examines how relationships are conducive to effective leadership, especially in Mali where leaders need to adapt constructively to the changing context of business. The climate where I grew up in Mali could be described in three simple statements:

    • Elders are superior to younger people.
    • Men are superior to women.
    • The rich are better than the poor.

    The article aims at challenging these statements and fostering a new model of relationships for leadership in Mali. Certainly, with globalization, the environment has been changing in Mali and people are being more connected to technology than ever before. Therefore, it is important to consider where we are coming from in order to adjust relationships for effective leadership.
  • Leadership - Leading through Example  By : Mark - Leadership501
    What you say is important, but what you do is going to determine how well you lead. Here are two examples of people whose actions spoke louder than their words.
  • Are You a Manager Or a Leader ?  By : Andrew James
    There’s a difference between being a boss and a leader. Which one are you?
  • Preparing For Management Responsibilities  By : Tony Jacowski
    6 traits that make an outstanding manager!
  • Six Sigma Requires a Substantial Commitment from “Informal” Leaders  By : Tony Jacowski
    Tells of different types of leaders.
  • Why You Should Be A Coach, Not Just A Manager  By : Anna Johnson
    How To Coach Your Employees To Reach Their True Potential... and Achieve Greater Productivity, Better Results and Higher Morale
  • Mastering the Difference Between Leadership and Management  By : Dave Saunders
    It is a common belief that management and leadership are the same role. While it is common that a manager also plays the part of the leader, these two roles are truly separate in function and in the way they add to the success of an orginization. By understanding the difference between management and leadership you will become more effective in helping others see the road ahead.

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