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  • Why Your Web Presence Needs Video  By : Gen Wright
    Since the middle of the last century, mass media has been largely defined by video content. People want video content, and businesses that fail to bring it to their web presence likely will find themselves being left behind. Let's take a look at six strong advantages web content has for your organization's web presence.
  • Marketing Promotions Generate Revenue By Motivating Consumers To Take Action  By : Cyndi Walker
    Marketing promotions have become increasingly popular with brand marketers and retailers. Promotional incentives give you a unique advertising platform through which you can reach millions of consumers quickly and trigger a response. Deploy a marketing promotion to motivate consumers to take action. Marketing promotions can drive traffic to your website and retail storefronts, creating a surge in sales while improving customer loyalty.
  • 5 Characteristics To Thrive In Today's Changing Marketing Landscape  By : Gen Wright
    The marketing world has changed a great deal over the past few years. New technologies and tougher economies have combined to force a massive shift not only in the techniques of marketing, but also in the way we think about the subject. This article discusses the characteristics and benefits of becoming a high-powered Fusion Marketer and how to focus your strategies and efforts to win.
  • Promotional Calculators - The Top 5 Sellers On the Promotional Merchandise Market  By : Paul Beirne
    Promotional Calculators make great business gifts because they are extremely practical and are used almost every day within the business environment. But it's not just in the office that these excellent advertising products make their mark, they are also used at home, in school and on the move. This article will give you the low down on the top 5 Calculators on today's Promotional Merchandise Market.
  • Promotional Items - 5 Great Tips To Get The Most From Your Investment  By : Paul Beirne
    Promotional gifts are used every day in all types of businesses for one very good reason, they work. Unlike many other forms of advertising such as classified adverts these items remain as a physical reminder of a company or event. This article presents 5 great tips on how to make the most of your budget for promotional gifts
  • How To Do Market Research For Entrepreneurs  By : James Roche
    Nothing beats talking directly with your clients and potential clients, there's something about connecting with a real human being that reveals subtleties that technology based research doesn't bring up. Your goal with the human touch research is to understand, directly from your market, what they want. Both human touch and technology based research are valuable when combined to help you create a winning business and product.
  • Business Gifts - 5 Original Ideas To Get Your Message Out And About  By : Paul Beirne
    Business gifts do not have to be about what somebody uses in the office or at home. These days there are so many different types of promotional merchandise that the only limit is your imagination. This article will give you the best 5 ideas to get your brand outside and right in front of people.
  • What You Need To Know About Internet Marketing For Online Business  By : Al Terry
    Basic tips and advice for how to have better success with an online business through online marketing techniques.
  • Internet Marketing Success Tips  By : Gen Wright
    Do you want to be a successful marketer? Being successful at Internet marketing requires persistence and effort. Here are some tips to help you attain more success.
  • 12 Creative Marketing Tricks for Immediate Results  By :
    Did you ever have a need to be creative on a short notice? Perhaps your client or boss is looking for a new marketing piece or your competitor is in a weak position and you need to get something into the market quickly?
  • Top 10 Promotional Merchandise Items  By : Francis Murphy
    Whilst the very top few Promotional Merchandise products tend to remain the same there is always a few newcomers into the most popular ones. This article brings you right up to date with the very latest industry figures and may hold a few surprised for you.
  • Social Marketing Strategies For Internet Marketers  By : Lucien Bechard
    Social Networking is becoming quite the trend on the Internet. There are some very simple strategies to follow when using social marketing on the Internet. Following these simple marketing strategies is crucial to long-term success.
  • Why E-mail Promotion Is Such A Potent Tool In This Day And Age  By : John F Baril
    This text illustrates why email advertising is such a strong method during this day and age.
  • Three Practical Tips to Grow your Website  By : OrganicSEO
    Practical Tips to Grow Your Business Website Traffic
  • Seven Strategic Internet Marketing Tips  By : David White
    This article outlines seven tips for every internet marketer to follow. Crutial to being successful at marketing an online business effectively.
  • Are You Making These Two Massive Marketing Mistakes?  By : James Roche
    At first, trying to market to your target market may seem as confusing and confounding as trying to understand the opposite sex. What you think will work turns them off. What you like may not be what they want. Embarrassing and costly mistakes are common. But savvy and successful entrepreneurs know the seductive secrets that produce results (and a bulging bank account!)
  • Are You Making This Deadly Marketing Sin?  By : Meredith Liepelt
    Don't get caught making the deadly sin of trying to market and sell programs, products and services based on features instead of results. Communicate the results that will be gained, and you will be able to turn potential clients into clients.
  • Is There a Shortcut To Internet Marketing Success?  By : Nick Messe
    Since the internet is so open ended and vast, it is quite easy to lose track of where you are going. You'll start out looking for internet marketing ideas that might work for you and you'll end up with information overload.
  • An Email Marketing Plan That Works  By : Luie De Von
    This article will help you know how you can improve your email marketing plan. It will give you ideas of the things you can include to your newsletters to make it more efficient. Also, know what to avoid.
  • Blog Marketing Methods That a New Blog Owner Can Use  By : Gen Wright
    So you are now the proud owner of a brand new blog. You have posted a few blog entries, and you are wondering what to do next. Don't make the mistakes that most new bloggers make.
  • Social Media Marketing - Don't Make These 3 Mistakes  By : Gen Wright
    The Cluetrain Manifesto asserts that "Markets are Conversations." The Manifesto is a document published in 1999 and 10 years later is still considered to be an outstanding treatise on the Internet phenomenon - in regards to the impact and opportunities of Internet and web technology on the modern businessman. Nowhere has this assertion been borne out more than in the complex, fascinating world of Social Media Marketing (SMM).
  • How to Motivate Your Clients and Business Associates with Promotional Products  By : Robert Thomson
    Sales is the driving force behind any successful business, and your clients and associates sometimes need a little encouragement to continue buying goods...
  • Boost your Sales and Kick Start your Business  By : Ian Randell
    Follow the steps outlined below and you will increase your sales and your client base, which will lead to additional profit and growth in your business.
  • Are You Making These Mistakes  By : Rashid Kotwal
    Are you tracking your marketing spend?

    Marketing is all about testing and measuring. Putting out offers and seeing what the response is.
  • 6 Keys To Getting More Referrals  By : Ileana Kane
    Referral business used to be considered an automatic. Before print advertising, before radio or television advertising, entrepreneurs relied on word-of-mouth marketing. A positive word passed from one customer to another was as valuable as gold. As your reputation grew, so your business grew. But that's not enough these days.
  • The 3 Pillars Of Growing Your Business  By : Rashid Kotwal
    Imagine coming into the office and having the phone ringing with people wanting to do business with you.

    What would your business and life be like if you could increase your profits by 10%, 20%, 30% without a lot of extra effort?
  • Preparing An Effective Business Brochure  By : Robert Thomson
    Your business brochure is an important marketing tool that says a lot about your business, your products, your services and your company's communication skills.
  • The Pros and Cons of Internet Marketing!  By : Yasir Khan
    Is internet marketing for you? Find out here!
  • How To Target Your Website Users Through Analytics  By : Robert Thomson
    "If you build it, they will come" is a fine quote from a fine movie about hope and dreams in, well, a field of dreams.
  • How Press Releases Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Website  By : Gen Wright
    Have you been trying to promote your new blog or website but can't seem to get your foot into the first page of the search rankings?
  • For An Effective Marketing Collateral  By : karen grahams
    For marketing to be effective, you need to have a strong communication tool to convey your message to your target clients. The impact that you provide your target audience depends on how you design and package your offer so that they would be enticed to take it right away.
  • Twitter Marketing – 5 Good Reasons For You To Get Involved  By : John F Baril
    Twitter is one of the hottest things out there right now in the social networking realm. Twitter marketing has many benefits for your online business. This article outlines 6 of them.
  • Email Marketing and Managing Customer Expectations  By : RBurko
    Managing customer relationships is crucial towards getting the most out of email marketing. By doing so, you will revolutionize the way you do business. A well-managed email marketing strategy will save you money on the use of paper and print, increase the presence of your brand.
  • Your Good Reputation and How to Market It  By : Gen Wright
    To make your business grow in the right way, many things have to be taken into consideration. Marketing and advertising your products and services are the most important. Without developing and implementing intelligent brand marketing and promotional strategies, it will be impossible to see an increase in you customer base. Reputation marketing is one technique that can create an impact.
  • Social Media Marketing - How it Can Work for You  By : Gen Wright
    With so many things to consider when starting out online in the business world, SMM or Social Media Marketing can be one of the most important. This is a term that is used to describe how participating in differing online social groups can help a business generate traffic to their site to produce sales. It can also be of great assistance in building important business contacts that can help you become a reputable business on the Internet.
  • Top Five Ways To Promote Your Business  By : Robert Thomson
    You have a great business; you have an excellent product. You could have sales - if only you could get the word out!
  • Teleseminar Selling - 5 Easy Steps To Sell Your Teleseminar  By : Gen Wright
    What if you discovered how to boost the selling power of your teleseminar starting today using a simple five block formula? Here are 5 simple steps to get you started selling your program quickly and easily step-by-step.
  • Top 10 Reasons To Choose Promotional Products To Increase Your Business  By : Robert Thomson
    Promotional products are inexpensive ways to advertise that not only make sense from a publicity standpoint they make sense because of the wide variety of options available as well.
  • Speak Clearly in Your Messages  By : Juli Meyers
    With so many marketing messages bombarding your target clients’ attention every day, you really need to think big in order for you to get noticed. You have to remember that you’re competing with not just a handful of companies promoting the same way as you with your posters printing
  • Training - How to Generate Leads Online  By : Raul Quiroga
    Are you just beginning to learn about online marketing? Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the information out there? If so, you don't have to be. There is legitimate training that can be found online, teaching new marketers how to generate leads and effectively market their online business. Some of t
  • The Basics of a Marketing Partnership  By : Juli Meyers
    Marketing partnerships are getting more and more popular, and why not? They can be great money-saving, sales-producing relationships. Less costs + higher sales = marketing partnership. That’s an equation, which is a no-brainer!
  • Glowing Success with creative Promotional Products  By : Robert Thomson
    Find at Action Printing Inc. the most versatile line of promotional products to direct your marketing campaign into insane success.
  • How to Start a Niche Market Advertising Network Business and Build a Valuable Asset  By : Andrew Nester
    Even in this down economy there are hundreds of niche markets that can support an advertising network business. Learn how to start your own ad network.
  • Purchase Your Giveaways at the Right Time  By : Mike Hogan
    One of the best ways to not waste your time, effort and money on useless giveaways during trade shows is to consider getting the right promotional items at the right time. Let us face it; promotional items such as your print note pads are the best marketing tools.
  • Promotional Items: How to Use Them To Your Advantage  By : Robert Thomson
    Are you looking for a fun, creative, and catchy way to promote your business?
  • The Right Attitude Can Get You Places  By : Kate Manheaven
    Many online articles tell of one thing – the most successful marketing campaign starts with the right attitude. Many marketing strategies, especially for small businesses, often get a push with the right marketing attitude.
  • Five Common Press Release Writing Mistakes  By : Wesley Upchurch
    Five common mistakes that business make when sending their press releases to the media. By knowing these mistakes, you can avoid making them, thereby increasing the likely hood that the news editors will choose your press release for publication.
  • 3 Lifesaving Tactics to Stay Afloat In a Constantly Changing Marketplace  By : webmaster article-magazine.org
    Let’s face the facts... old-fashioned marketing tools aren’t going to keep your business a growing and prosperous entity in today’s marketplace. Hey, this month’s hottest techniques and information will be obsolete in six months.
  • Joint Ventures Are One Of The Most Effective Ways To Grow Your Business.  By : aryan
    Yet, like many of the most effective marketing strategies, when done improperly, your results may often be poor.
    When you try to sell your product, you use all sorts of conversion tactics such as building a relationship, getting your benefit across, using deadlines, exclusivity and calls to actions.
  • Why Mail is Still the Best Way to Communicate with Customers and Prospects  By : Robert Thomson
    Direct mail is a proven, cost-effective way to get your messages and offers into the hands of potential customers. Mail should never be disregarded in favor of email, or any other direct marketing methods; it stands well on its own, and can be a powerful complement to other communications media.
  • Does Your Business Card Work For You?  By : Robert Thomson
    Take a look at a typical business card and the similarities leap out so strikingly that they all seem to be following the same rules. Of course you have your name on there, and your business name.
  • Effective Ways To Advertise In Magazines  By : Victor Epand
    Magazines are one of the strongest mediums to reach out to large number of people with your advertisements. If you are looking out for ways to be noticed through magazines, this article will help you.
  • Letterheads: Marketing 101  By : Gen Wright
    It is no wonder that a lot of business experts and consultants include letterheads as marketing paraphernalia, albeit these are very useful marketing tools.
  • Make the Competition Irrelevant  By : John Mehrmann
    Is there an easy way to make the competition irrelevant? In an age with so much access to information, bombarded by advertisements and commercials, is it possible to keep the attention of your potential customers? What is the secret to help customers make an easy decision to buy? There is a secret formula that works for e-commerce, retail, bids and proposals. It is a simple formula that has worked since the days of bartering beads, beans and burrows.
  • Comprehensive Marketing  By : Jeff Beale
    Marketing is the key behind all the success of popular products. Competitive marketing skills are really important in putting a certain products in the front line. These marketing skills may be a combination of online and offline promotions.
  • Learn Everything About Marketing Online  By : Winson Yeung
    If you have your own business, whether it is a brick and mortar business or completely online, you should be aware of the truth about internet marketing benefits. Many people may decide to market their business online without even knowing about all the benefits that are available. For most small business, any kind of marketing could be a hard task, even marketing on the Internet. Seriously, this does not take a good deal of work, or even money. You will find that with the right knowledge of how internet marketing works that you too can utilize it to increase your business.
  • Information Marketing - Building Reputation  By : Jeff Beale
    Marketing is a continuing process which deals with the planning, designing and developing of marketing ideas, products or services to generate exchange among organizations and individuals. As a matter of fact, it includes advertising, distribution and the selling of products or services. It also deals with providing both the customer’s needs and wants. But customers do business from those they trust. It is important to impart some basic knowledge and information to your valued customers about your product or service to instill trust. Furthermore, useful information is vital in building a business reputation, attracting more customers, and securing a position.
  • Marketing Strategies: How to Test Your Advertising!  By : Michele DeKinder-Smith
    Small business owners can use the same tools pioneered by Fortune 500 companies for testing the effectiveness of their advertising, whether in print or on the web. This article provides a step-by-step primer on handling advertising like the pro's.
  • Marketing Strategies: Are You Making This Marketing Mistake?  By : Michele DeKinder-Smith
    Most small business owners create a marketing plan in reverse, by deciding on an idea or product before testing the market. The principles behind do-it-yourself market research are simple and can save any small business owner time and money. Below is a primer to get you started.
  • Put Your Marketing To The "So What?" Test  By : Meena Kumari
    Want to get Better at your Marketing today?

    For many service business owners, marketing can be a real mystery. We don't really know exactly how it works. We're not real sure about what works best for us. And probably because of some past frustrations, we're not even sure where to start.
  • Sales Marketing  By : Meena Kumari
    Without an effective sales marketing strategy, most businesses would fail within a very short period of time. By simply putting a product or service on the market without the proper research and planning, the chances of finding success are almost nonexistent. While there are isolated cases of success with very little sales marketing preparation and practice, any business that wants to be successful understands the importance of sales marketing. Even products that have already undergone an initia
  • 7 Myths About Marketing in Economic Downturns  By : David Poulos
    In an ideal world, marketing activity would be self supporting, always pay back multifold what it costs to execute, and be effective in reaching every potential buyer in the appropriate sector all the time. But in the world where the sky is blue, marketing activities are driven by several factors.
  • The What's Next? Process for Creating A Winning Competitive Strategy  By : Robert Thomson
    The new heart of the process is the question "what is possible?".
  • How Can You Lure Consumers Into Loving Your Brand?  By : Robert Thomson
    Love for a brand is actually a strong feeling of anticipation for something good, pleasant or beneficial that we believe with great certainty that we will get from the brand. It is the anticipation for good experiences, pleasant sensations or positive emotions.
  • Creating Brands That Provide Psychological And Social Benefits Beyond The Product  By : Robert Thomson
    The main reason for the general fascination with brands is their ability to provide the consumers an extra value in addition to what the product\service\company themselves can provide. A value which becomes the major motivation for consumers to desire the product.
  • Your Marketing Mindset  By : David Eissman
    Most small business owners and independent professionals start their business primarily because they have knowledge and skills that are in demand. While they understand intellectually that they have to market and sell, often it does not translate on an emotional level. Many business owners tend to look at marketing as a necessary evil and in many cases have negative beliefs toward it.
  • Secrets of Low-Cost Marketing  By : Lou Bortone
    It's a dilemma that most small businesses and startups face: You must market and advertise, but you're strapped for cash. Fortunately, ideas, energy and imagination can make up for meager marketing budgets. Whether you're an established company or a nascent
  • Sponsorships: How to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is  By : Kelly LeFevre and Molly Luffy
    Sponsorships are an effective way to market your business. Not only will you be doing something good for the business community, you will be building quality relationships with prospective clients and referral sources. We'll explain how to implement this unique marketing strategy and boost your marketing karma
  • Marketing Plan: Do You Really Have One?  By : David Eissman
    As a result very few small business owners have a written marketing plan. In the competitive and crowed market place many of us operate in the lack of a plan is a recipe for FAILURE! So what is a marketing plan? It is a well thought out written document that is a roadmap to drive your activities that result in securing new clients.
  • 4 Key Niche Marketing Tips  By : Mike Schantz
    Article discusses 4 often overlooked Niche Marketing Tips.
  • Your Natural Marketing Style  By : Kelly LeFevre and Molly Luffy
    You'll have a lot more fun and a lot more success if you create your marketing strategy based on your own Natural Marketing Style™. Learn how to determine what your Natural Marketing Style™ is.
  • To Attract More Clients, Plug Into Your Purpose  By : Fabienne Fredrickson
    When I see entrepreneurs drag their feet in marketing, or if they're having a difficult time even though they're marketing, it's usually a sign that they're not plugged in to their purpose, as opposed to procrastination. This article will help you stop using WILLPOWER and instead, be pulled by your PURPOSE. Enjoy!
  • 'Tis the Season for Marketing Planning  By : Dana Blozis
    Dana Blozis of Virtually Yourz shows readers how to create their own simple, easy to follow marketing plan for 2008.
  • Marketing Effectively: Getting to Know Your Customers  By : Wendy Maynard
    Author Wendy Maynard explains how you can become a more effective marketer by taking the time to get to know your target audience and address their needs.
  • Are You Maximizing Every Single Sales Opportunity?  By : Audrey Burton
    Sales and Marketing are hard! Make it as easy on yourself as possible. Learn what you need to do to take full advantage of every opportunity possible!
  • Creating Interactive Marketing  By : Jeff Beale
    Constant innovations in technology and the Internet are forcing us to rethink the way we do business. Wise marketers are responding to this change by incorporating interactive elements into their marketing plans. These efforts are yielding stronger customer loyalty, better leads and higher returns on investments.
  • Types of Logos: Text, Symbol and Combination Logos  By : Erin Ferree
    There are three basic types of logos: text, symbol, and combination logos. The type of logo that will work best for your company depends on a number of considerations, such as the size of your company, the uniqueness of your name, and a variety of other factors.
  • How can you make them trust you?  By : Troy White
    How to market yourself and your product so that people will trust you
  • How to Reverse the Client-Chase and Attract More Business with Proven Marketing Strategy  By : Adam Urbanski
    Marketing can be easy and fun when you change your marketing strategy. A simple shift from a “traditional”, sales-focused approach, to something often referred to as education-based or attraction marketing will make prospects come to you.
  • How a Night at the Bowling Alley can change your Marketing Strategies  By : Linda C. Anger
    How one business owner learned four critical aspects of marketing by spending a night at the lanes.
  • What is Public Relations  By : Sue Currie
    Public relations is an essential part of the marketing mix for your business. But what is PR? Is it publicity?
  • Stage a Special Event to Stand Out and Shine  By : Sue Currie
    Staging a special event from a simple boardroom lunch to a trade fair is one way to create awareness of your buisness and build your brand.
  • Marketing Strategies For Your Business / Creating a Client Referral Process  By : Lisa Thomas
    Marketing Strategies For Your Business / Creating a Client Referral Process I mentioned in last month’s article that there are several marketing strategies to fundamentally build a business. The strategies are simple but not always easy, however if they are coupled with vision, vigor and a little tenacity, both business and life can be enjoyed with ease and results produced with velocity.
  • Marketing Strategies For Your Business / Identifying the Ideal Client  By : Lisa Thomas
    The thing that will come between you and success is the “human condition”, your barriers, road blocks, and what you think you already know. Be aware of the barriers and road blocks as you read these:
  • If You Can't Communicate Your Difference, You'll Die!  By : J. Craig Mecham
    You Need to Find Your Unique Selling Position (USP) in order to Reach Your Greatest Success. I'm sure you don't mean it, but you may be confusing customers with your advertising. Your customers have so many choices in almost every product classification. When they're shopping for a service or product its normal for them to have even thousands of alternatives.
  • The Proof Is In The Pudding: Marketing Lessons From America's Most Famous Dessert  By : Troy White
    Marketing Lessons From America's Most Famous Dessert
  • Do You Make Any of These Critical Marketing Mistakes?  By : Vlad Ehrsam
    Errors happen regardless of 'what type' of business industry you're operating. Employees make critical errors on a daily basis. This is often due to the company's size, the number of employees, and the inability for management to review departmental progress. To avoid some of the critical marketing errors that occur, you need to recognize and evaluate your strategies.
  • Incredible Power In Numbers!  By : Kenny Love
    Although previously only a witty saying to me, I now have firsthand experience that the age-old axiom, "There is power in numbers," is indeed an accurate statement. For, it is a verifiable fact that the more something is presented to more people, the more it will continually find responders who support it.
  • Create a Resource Website for Your Company  By : Mark Meshulam
    Keep your company resources always available and current by creating a resource website which links to them.
  • How To Develop A Strategic Marketing Communications Plan  By : Scott White
    As Branding and marketing professionals, we have an in-depth understanding of the importance of a marketing plan.
  • 5 Ways to Make Your Event - THE Event!  By : Dannielle Brantley
    Your business 'show' cannot be ignored and can be as creative, different and innovative as you and your team are. One of the funnest (Is this a word?) ways is to throw an event sponsored by your company. Here are 5 ways to make your event, THE event...
  • The Benefits of Analysis!  By : Jeffrey Benson
    You have found a gap in the market, you have thought of a business idea that you believe will make you a healthy profit. The next stage is to conduct a thorough analysis.
  • 6 Necessary Steps You Should Take When Creating Marketing Plans That Work.  By : Todd Taylor
    Steps in developing a winning marketing plan.
  • How to Really Get All the Clients You Can Handle  By : Travis Greenlee
    5 battle-tested strategies that will create irresistible demand for your services, guaranteed!
  • Increase Your Referrals, Increase Your Marketing Results With This Little Twist  By : Alan Boyer
    Watch your referrals and marketing results explode by trying something just slightly different.

    Turn your marketing results into warm referrals.
  • Simple Tricks to Maximize the Reach of Your Marketing Message  By : Chris Ellington
    Would you like more customers? Here are some very easy things you can do to start getting your customers ten at a time instead of one at a time. Make the most out of your time, effort and expense.

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