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  • Motivating A Sales Force When Sales Are Poor  By : Richard Stone
    Sales people can often become de-motivated during the difficult times. This article provides 10 effective tips to improve the motivation of sales people.
  • Agree in Order to Disagree: Closing the Sale More Easily By Avoiding Confrontations  By : Rick Quatraro
    Just like all of us, customers have a natural fear of making a wrong decision. They fear change when they bring up objections or incorrect statements regarding your product or service, and if not handled properly could cause unnecessary distractions. This can only create more challenges for salespeople to make the sale. What is an effective way to avoid these distractions?
  • Sales Management - Thousands Now Get their Staff To Generate Leads With These Technqiues  By : Carl Davidson
    Carl Davidson discusses how to get your staff to generate profit and leads through good management techniques.
  • Sales Force Surveys Boost Sales Performance & Reduce Sales Force Turnover  By : Howard Deutsch
    Conducting a sales force survey or a sales force opinion survey is a highly effective way to learn about what is causing your company's sales force to fall short of their sales potential, and what is causing sales force attrition.
  • Secrets To Help Your Sales Skyrocket  By : Omar Martin
    If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me "How can I make more sales?"
  • Ten Extremely Effective Methods to Increase Your Sales Power.  By : Greg Sheldon
    This article explains ten very powerful ways of significantly
    increasing sales for any type of product or service.
  • Sales Management and Training – Energize Your Sales and Training  By : Gen Wright
    What is sales management? For an employer, that means learning how to effectively hire, train and manage people for a sales team. As a sales manager, you've got one of the most important jobs to do. Essentially...
  • Sales Training - Your Investment in You  By : Henry Sailles
    Sales professionals who invest in the right skills based sales training give themselves a huge advantage.
  • Tips For Generating Business Leads  By : Robert Thomson
    While sales may be the thing that determines if a business survives in any economy, marketing is the thing that will determine how many sales leads are generated.
  • Seven Essentials for a Profit Pulling Sales Letter!  By : RAMKISHOR
    There are many ways of writing a great sales letter, and no rules are hard and fast. For a start, many essential elements in the process are nothing to do with the letter itself
  • The Keys to an Unstoppable Sales Drive  By : Steve McCann
    You will always perform at a level equal to your self-image: Our self-image is the portrait we have of ourselves. It’s the picture we’ve created about ourselves and is commonly based on past experience. So if a new desire for improvement is introduced and it conflicts with our current self-image, it is doomed to fail. Follow these steps to a new level of discipline by changing your self-image.
  • Find Your Sales Bliss  By : Steve McCann
    Your bliss is that activity or experience that when doing it, you feel truly alive. Time slows down and you find real meaning and purpose in what you are doing.  When you find your bliss and incorporate it into the practice of your work, you’ve just discovered the secret to passion and high performance.  Everyone has their personal bliss that excites and motivates them.  When we are engaged in these activities we find it easy to commit to the practice. 
  • Filling the Sales Pipeline  By : John Mehrmann
    How full is your sales pipeline? How many prospects should you be targeting? How do you know if you have the right prospects?
  • Motivate Your Sales Team to Crush the Tomato  By : Lee Salz
    Motivation is one of the biggest keys to developing successful teams. Every day strong skilled teams are beaten by lesser skilled ones loaded with heart and desire. But who creates the motivation for that to happen?
  • Compensate to Motivate Your Sales Team  By : Lee Salz
    Channeling the energy of a sales team can be challenging. How you compensate them determines where they invest their time and the results you get.
  • Why Do Some Sales Go Bad? Laura Betterly Explains  By : Robert Thomson
    Why do some sales go bad? You know what I mean, seems like its going great and then no communication, no calls back. It can be the cause of a real sales slump.
  • When the Sale Doesn't Happen  By : Lee Salz
    In a perfect world, every buying process would conclude with an award of the business. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen. There are lessons to be learned in sales gone awry.
  • What Is The Game Plan?  By : Lee Salz
    If you don't have a destination, how can you develop a map to get there? This may sound like a question for a driver, but it is also a question for sales people.
  • The Most Underutilized Strategic Advantage  By : Lee Salz
    Sales people are always looking for a way to differentiate themselves to win an account. Few use one of the most powerful tools in their bag, the right reference.
  • Improving Sales Productivity Begins and Ends with the Sales Manager  By : Martice E Nicks Jr
    There are so many places to try and squeeze additional performance improvements out of your team. The question is...where do you start?
  • The Best Sales People Aren't Necessarily The Right Ones For Your Company  By : Lee Salz
    Hiring sales talent is one of the most critical activities a company performs. However, few are adept at hiring the right people for their firm. This article shows you how to hire the right talent.
  • Does Your Team Sell Transactionally or Are They Trusted Advisors?  By : Martice E Nicks Jr
    If your sales team sells transactionally and your competitors are focused on becoming trusted advisors, what impact will it have on your competitiveness.
  • The Secret to Overcoming the Price Objection  By : Lee Salz
    If you are in sales, not a day goes by without hearing the dreaded price objection. Or is it really an objection at all? In this article, you will learn a new approach to resolving the price concern.
  • Why Prospects Want to "Try" Before "Buy"  By : Lee Salz
    In the service and technology industries, it is not uncommon for prospects to request pilot programs before committing their full business. Yet, there are important steps for the sales person to take before agreeing to the engagement.
  • 5 Keys to Hiring the Right Sales Manager  By : Lee Salz
    There are few decisions more critical for a company than the hiring of the leadership of their sales organization. Yet, few know how to do it well.
  • Sales Lessons Learned From Watching The Apprentice  By : Daniel Sitter
    Watching the celebrity edition of the Apprentice on television proved to be far more than solely an entertaining experience. This reality show actually provided a healthy dose of business reality, demonstrating many valuable sales lessons that we can all benefit from.
  • Selling In A Recession - 5 Steps For Increasing Sales  By : Gavin Ingham
    There's going to be a recession! Baton down the hatches, bad times are coming! For many salespeople and business owners this may well be true. But does it have to be? In this article, leading sales expert and motivational speaker Gavin Ingham outlines how you can make more sales and grow your business in any market.
  • Profile a Great Customer - Gain More Customers Just Like Them  By : Nicole Clary
    Sell services softly, yet with great impact. When small businesses profile their best customers they are able to demonstrate the range of services and their benefits while attracting more like-minded customers.
  • 8 Habits of The Highly Successful Salespersons  By : Daniel Sitter
    There are numerous skills and traits that help define successful salespeople. These traits are beneficial regardless of whether you sell tangible products, services or your ideas. Developing these skills will benefit every entrepreneur and business owner who must daily interact with others to transact business.
  • The Answer Is Always NO Unless You Ask  By : Daniel Sitter
    Asking for the order seems like such a simple notion, so why do so many salespeople have difficulty with it? Asking is necessary. Asking is expected. Closing the sale is dependent upon it.
  • Sell More by Expressing Gratitude  By : Daniel Sitter
    Once a sale is completed, salespeople have an unhealthy tendency of paying less attention to their customers. A follow up call or subsequent visit goes a long way toward guaranteeing customer satisfaction. It is via this attention to their overall satisfaction that we say thank you.
  • Customers Tend To Buy The Who, Not The What  By : Daniel Sitter
    Let's face it salespeople: Assuming that your customer knows what he needs, almost without exception, he can locate an alternate source for virtually any product that you sell, many times at a lesser price. The internet is loaded with sites ready to sell almost anything at unbelievably low prices. The question becomes "what are you going to do about it?"
  • The Role of Leadership in Selling  By : Daniel Sitter
    Leadership is a compelling intellectual or spiritual force that moves people to action. We must take charge and lead the selling conversation. We must demonstrate for our customer that we seek what is best for her as we work with others to provide a solution for her needs. Leadership requires leaders. Are you up to the task?
  • The Top Five Traits of a Successful Salesperson  By : Paul Johnson
    If you need to hire a salesperson, these tips will reduce your risk of making a bad hire. Learn how the author, a veteran salesperson and award-winning sales manager, filters sales applicants. Discover how to identify the candidates who not only CAN sell, but WILL sell - for YOU.
  • Successful Sales Without Selling Your Soul  By : Bill Zipp
    Effective selling is about finding the specific steps of action that apply to the customer you are trying to reach and taking those actions over and over and over again. That is what I have learned about sales. If I can clearly identify the people who are most likely to use my products and services and reach out to them in a consistent, systematic way, success is possible without selling mysoul.
  • Selling is All About Relationships  By : Daniel Sitter
    Selling is all about relationships. It demands honesty and integrity and a perception of caring. Success in life is truly a matter of developing and maintaining relationships with others. Sales emulates life.
  • Selling is an Effective Conversation  By : Daniel Sitter
    Today, information that may alter the face of an industry is available instantaneously; at least for those who are paying attention. Marketers can survey an entire market segment by monitoring applicable blogs and pod-casts in their industries. Companies now have the ability to adapt and tailor their marketing, sales strategies and tactics on the fly.
  • Sell More by Getting in Your Customer’s Head!  By : Laura Adams
    Sell more of the product or service that your company offers by getting inside your customer's head! Discover the 5-stage Buying Decision Process that all consumers pass through before they make a buying commitment.
  • Micromanagement: Killing Employee Morale  By : Mandy Leonard
    Employee morale is something that no business can ignore. It is something that greatly impacts employee performance, especially in a sales environment. Sales environments can, by their very nature, be very stressful and it falls to the managers to ensure that morale is kept up and performance optimized.
  • The Fifteen Time Wasters of Average Sales Departments  By : Ken Krogue
    By Kenneth Krogue
  • Talking to a Prospect as if to a Friend  By : Wendy Weiss
    I have seen perfectly reasonable, articulate human beings become stiff, formal and uncomfortable while trying to speak in a manner they believe to be "businesslike." If no one understands what you are talking about, no one will buy your product or service.
  • How To Hire The Best Salesperson: A Guide to Finders, Minders, and Grinders  By : Ray Silverstein
    As a small business owner, you know a successful salesperson is worth his or her weight in gold.
  • Technical CEOs Hiring Sales Reps--Does It Work Out?  By : Phil Morettini
    The hiring of salespeople is often one of the most frustrating aspects of staffing a high tech enterprise.
  • Quality Activity Really Does Achieve Quality Results  By : Jonathan Farrington
    Failing to focus salespeople’s activity reduces efficiency and consequently reduces results, because there isn’t a salesperson alive that believes they have enough time in their working week to complete all the activities they want to achieve! Time is a huge constraint on salespeople’s activities so that when their manager asks them for more, it’s no wonder that they are overwhelmed.
  • How To Develop A First Class Sales Team  By : Jonathan Farrington
    For a group of people to remain consciously competent at optimum performance levels, they require frequent injections of stimulation, motivational guidance, prompting and directing, otherwise they can easily lapse into becoming unconsciously competent or worse, unconsciously incompetent.
  • How to Achieve Amazing Results in Sales  By : Jim Klein
    Imagine what it would be like if your sales career could look any way you wanted it to. What would your perfect day look like? How many leads would you attract? How many sales would you make?
  • Selling is About Sales Leadership, First and Foremost  By : Leanne Hoagland-Smith
    Are your sales leading you to where you want them to be? If you call your sales professionals something other than sales representatives, then read on how this might be part of the problem.
  • The Sales Training Series: Stopping Objections Before They Start  By : Duane Sparks
    "Your price is too high." "We're loyal to our current supplier." "I prefer your competitor's product." Classic objections such as those are very hard to overcome when they pop up near the end of your sales call after you have presented your company and your product, and after you have expended most of your sales ammunition. But objections are far easier to handle if you uncover them earlier in the process.
  • How to Shmooze  By : Mark Meshulam
    An insightful look at how to blend the human element into business interactions.
  • The Sales Training Series: Sell By Agreeing On At Least 3 Needs  By : Duane Sparks
    Salespeople know that they’re supposed to sell to the customer’s needs. Here is the classic—and tragically wrong—way they usually learn to do it: Uncover the first need. Begin a product presentation, covering features and benefits, and then attempt to uncover another need and then give more product talk, etc.
  • Identify Your Ideal Clients and How To Reach Them  By : Wayne Messick
    If you expect to succeed as a professional solution provider - coach, consultant, etc., you first have to last. Just last long enough and you'll be the only person who got started when you did, who is still around.
  • Shift Your Focus for Sales Success  By : Greg Beverly
    Shifting your focus from what's in it for you, to what's in it for your prospect will take your sales results to a whole new level.
  • "Playing Dumb Increased My Sales Results Overnight"  By : Greg Beverly
    Many sales professionals pride themselves on knowing all the answers. The real key to sales success is getting the answers from your prospect.
  • How to Stop Playing Phone Tag and Close More Sales  By : Greg Beverly
    Few things can be more frustrating for the sales professional than the proverbial game of phone tag with prospects. You have the power to stop this game. Take control of your sales process and banish phone tag from your routine forever!
  • The 5 Pillars of Sales Champions  By : Greg Beverly
    There are thousands of techniques for better selling, however none of them will make you a sales champion if you lack these attributes.
  • The Sales Training Series: Listen to the Customer  By : Duane Sparks
    Blessed with the "gift of gab" are you? That's nice. But true sales professionals know that before they start gabbing to customers about their product features or anything else, they need to listen to what the customer has to say - and demonstrate that they're paying attention.
  • It's All in the Questions  By : Leanne Hoagland-Smith
    Getting the sale is the goal for every salesperson and business owner. Improving your sales' results is understanding that no one likes to be sold, but eveyone likes to buy.
  • The Customer Is King  By : Barbara Gabogrecan
    Explaining the importance of looking after existing customers and building of 'word of mouth' for exposure and growth of your business.
  • Listen for Sales Success  By : Greg Beverly
    Today's tip involves listening...nothing new there right? However, maybe when we dig down deep enough to determine exactly WHY we need to listen, it will make it easier to train ourselves to listen better.
  • The Sales Training Series: How To Sell Solutions  By : Duane Sparks
    Salespeople are commonly told to sell solutions and value rather than just product features. But when the time comes to present their products, they fall back on generic scripts with no direct connection to any specific needs the customer has revealed. The customer winds up in a one-sided conversation, listening to the salesperson present too many low-priority capabilities.
  • Understanding Body Language: An Effective Sales Tool  By : Tom Perkins
    There is no question that people can speak volumes without uttering a single word. Non-verbal communication, including body language, can be a powerful sales tool if one is able to understand its signals. However, when you realize that the human body can perform over 700,000 unique movements, the idea of comprehending all those signals would seem like an unrealistic endeavor. Do not despair because just having a rudimentary knowledge of some basic signals and gestures could greatly improve your ability to sell.
  • The Sales Training Series: Never Wing It  By : Duane Sparks
    Research shows that salespeople will never reach their performance potential without a well defined sales call procedure that they can follow and learn from. "Winging it" on sales calls has grim consequences - lost sales, extended sell cycles, margin erosion and no clear path to improvement. Bottom line: Your entire sales career can be mediocre if you "wing it."
  • How to be the Most Memorable Person at Networking Events  By : Charles Burke
    Most people go to networking events because they know they "should," but they hate it. If you've experienced the usual clammy grip of fear...

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