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  • 7 Tips For Improving Your Phone Skills  By : Susanne Gaddis
    Great phone skills are like any other communication behavior. They can be learned and practiced. Knowing this, here are some tips to take your phone skills at work from good to great.
  • Be An Inspiring Speaker - Ten Essential Tips To Wow Your Audience  By : Trevor Hill
    When you're in the audience you can recognise easily enough the difference between a dull speaker and an inspiring one. Yet when you are the speaker, how can you make sure you're inspiring?
  • How to Make an Effective 10-Minute Presentation  By : Alice Osborn
    Ten minute presentations can help build your platform, and they can establish your credibility and visibility in your profession, as long as you don't sell directly to your audience. Of course we're all in business to make money, but instead of throwing everyone a sales pitch you need to choose a topic that will engage your audience that will prompt them to ask you questions.
  • How to Present a Perfect Seminar  By : Alice Osborn
    You can showcase your expertise by conducting powerful seminars. This article discusses planning, finding a location, publicity, registration, participant confirmations, evaluations and follow-ups.A workshop can be a valuable experience that can grow your business and take you to the next level professionally!
  • 5 Tips to Becoming an Effective Communicator  By :
    Effective communication is one of the most powerful skills an entrepreneur can master to guarantee success. Business is based upon human connections whether it is in leading your staff and advisory team, marketing your brand, selling your products or working with business partners. Communication is an essential part of business.
  • The 4 Most Common Mistakes Made By Presenters  By : Bob Malloney
    Presentation Skills - How to aviod the four most common mistakes made by business presenters.
  • The Top Five (5) Biggest Myths about Public Speaking Fear and Stage Fright  By : Douglas Staneart
    Doug Staneart, CEO of The leader's Institute debunks a number of myths about public speaking and stage fright.
  • Change Management Presentations - Choose Structure Over Style  By : Gen Wright
    The biggest mistake that consultants make when presenting data is to choose style over the presentation's structure. Instead of spending hours making flashy powerpoint slides and working on their tone they'd fair better if they worked on clarity of communication.
  • Tips On Delivering Toasts And Speeches  By : Nariman Taweel
    Some lucky individuals have a natural gift when it comes to public speaking. They feel little, if any, nervousness of the prospect of facing a large audience.
  • 4 Dynamic Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking  By : Mike Hogan
    Presenting before an audience can be nervewrecking. Discover how four simple and effective techniques can reduce your anxiety and improve your speaking skills.
  • The 'Nevers' of Presenting  By : Mike Hogan
    Chances are you have done or have been in a presentation. From your own experience, either as the speaker or audience, you have come to the realization that presentations can make or break a transaction or a meeting. It can either invigorate a rather dull meeting or lull everyone to sleep even more.
  • How to Chair the Perfect Meeting  By : Sharon Alexander
    How to chair the perfect meeting at work
  • Public Speaking - An Effective Way to Illustrate Your Talk  By : Tony Hall
    The use of props to help you to illustrate your talks when speaking in public has long been commonplace and can be a highly effective way of getting across your point. Using slides to reinforce your message is probably the most common way of doing so, but the technology to put slide shows together has not always been there. So read this article to discover the time-proven technique the experts use.
  • How to Beat Nerves before a Presentation  By : Sharon Alexander
    How prepare and beat nerves before a presentation
  • 5 Great Tips about Public Speaking  By : Tony Sebastian
    When facing an audience, it is quite crucial that you be so conscious of what to say, how to say it, how to move and when to move. Here are some tips on how to speak in front of a viewing audience, before, during, and even after a speech.
  • Public Speaking - How to be Sure You Look and Sound Just Right  By : Tony Hall
    Do you think that if you knew that you looked and sounded just right, that your confidence to get up and make a speech would be boosted? Would your public speaking fears be banished by having the knowledge that the way you present yourself reflects a confident and assured speaker to all those who see you? Well in my experience it most certainly would and in this article you can learn how.
  • Public Speaking - 9 Tips to Ensure That You Are Original  By : Tony Hall
    Making a speech or presentation can seem an incredibly daunting task. Clearly it is of upmost importance to prepare correctly and give the correct structure to your speech. Every good speech must flow beautifully, so that you carry the audience along with you from opening to close and ensure that they each take away something truly meaningful. But in this article you can learn what it takes to be a truly effective public speaker.
  • Question and Answer sessions  By : Vincent Stevenson
    Handling Q&A sessions is a key skill to master for all presenters. A great presentation can easily be ruined by the way you interact with your audience. This article gives specific assistance in how to tread through the mine field of question and answer sessions.
  • Delivering a vote of thanks  By : Vincent Stevenson
    We are oftem called upon at short notice to deliver a vote of thanks. This can be a little frightening for the uninitiated and there are a few rules and conventions which when known, can ease the fear and even make somebody confident to get it right first time.
  • Presentation Handouts: Three Ways They Can Kill Your Presentation  By : Helen Wilkie
    Conventional wisdom says you hand out materials at the beginning of your presentation, or even have them distributed before the audience arrives. There are, however, three inherent problems with this method. This article explains the drawbacks and offers a better alternative.
  • The Top Ten Things a Good Public Speaker Must Never Do  By : Tony Hall
    There is lots of advice you can gain about how to become a confident and successful public speaker. You can learn all about preparation, style, and content and how to get the audience on your side. These are all vital aspects of becoming a great speech maker. But there are equally some important things you simply must never do. This article will help you to discover just what they are.
  • What Moses knew about getting ready to teach.  By : Mark Silver
    There's a class you've been thinking about offering for some time now. But, you're not quite ready. A little more research, a little more thinking, and you're sure you'll finally be ready. But, despite your passion, it's flat. Even practicing it in front of a friend or colleague, it still feels flat. Oh no! When will you ever be ready to offer this to people? There is a missing ingredient, and Moses knew what it was.
  • Professional Communication: A Blueprint for Your Success  By : Laura Adams
    As you progress in your career, you must be able to master Professional Communication. Learn a simple blueprint for how to organize any speech or presentation for maximum success.
  • You Can Become a Fearless Public Speaker! Here's How...  By : Keith Harmeyer
    Just about anyone can conquer their fear of public speaking, if they're willing to take a few, important steps.
  • If you want good answers, ask good questions  By : Helen Wilkie
    Asking questions is a great way to get the information you want or need, but not if you ask the wrong questions. This article illustrates how to ask good questions to get good answers.
  • On Public Speaking: Making Utter Terror Look Good  By : Harrison Monarth
    Harrison Monarth talks about how speakers who are less than confident can manage their anxiety and put a good face forward when presenting their message to an audience.
  • Sometimes the best thing to say is...Nothing.  By : Harrison Monarth
    This article teaches readers one of the most powerful tools the world's most effective speakers use in their communication, the use of the Pause, as taught in the prestigious GuruMaker School of Professional Speaking.
  • Presenting Ideas Effectively: Speak To The Audience's Interests  By : Helen Wilkie
    Presenting your ideas persuasively takes a bit of work. The first thing you must do is figure out how to frame the problem, and your solution, in terms that are clearly in the interests of the people you are trying to persuade. This article will help you decide on your best approach.
  • 3 Ways to Talk so Clients Listen  By : Robert Moment
    Communications skills are very important in business success.If you’re ready to get your point across and be heard, read on to find how to use a client’s self-interest to your advantage and talk so they really listen.
  • Corporate Storytelling 101: How to pick a story that moves listeners  By : Bruce Hale
    Tips for corporate and association speakers and presenters who want to connect more effectively with their audiences.
  • The Power of Storytelling  By : John Di Lemme
    As you tell stories, people will remember those stories versus all the facts in the world. "Facts tell, but stories sell."
  • Call-Killing Phrases  By : Wendy Weiss
    How often have you started a call to a friend, family member or business associate with the phrase, “How are you?” I’m willing to bet the answer is a lot. I know I say it frequently. It’s commonly used as a greeting, as a “hello.”
  • Embracing or Hindering Life….?  By : Lisa Thomas
    You're stuck and you're stumped with no answers, no motivation or action to take. Most of us have experienced that a time or two in our lives haven't we? What do you do when that happens?
  • Presentation Skills: your secret career weapon  By : Helen Wilkie
    Helen Wilkie says if you want to showcase your professional competence, you must have great presentation skills. According to Wilkie, if you present well, people think you do everything well!
  • Speech Openings that Work (and Don't Work)  By : Robert F. Abbott
    Consider audience responses to your speech openings, and never address your audience as a monolithic group; always address it as a collection of individuals. Bottom line: avoid both "Ladies and gentlemen..." and "Hello everyone..." (and similar speech opening variations) unless you have good and specific reasons.
  • Speak for Success  By : Sue Currie
    Being able to stand out and deliver a compelling presentation will set you apart. Read tips to help you be a better presenter.
  • Speaking Tip: How to Make an Introduction  By : Robert F. Abbott
    Introducing a speaker can be a manageable challenge. And you can meet that challenge by focusing on the speaker, not yourself, by establishing a link between the speaker and audience, and by smoothly getting the speaker to the lectern or podium.
  • Win over the Fear of Public Speaking  By : Vincent Stevenson
    This short article explains why 90% of people would rather die than stand up and make a speech or presentation. The fear of public speaking is ever present, but there are self-help strategies as well as speaking organisations that can help you to overcome the fear of public speaking.
  • Do You Suffer From Stage Fright And The Fear Of Public Speaking?  By : Faye B. Roberts
    Stage fright and fear of public speaking can cripple your career. It's almost impossible to be successful in any business without having to speak to a large group of people at some point in time.
  • Defining and Writing for an Audience  By : Laurence James
    As part of the essential research you should do before starting to write, it’s a good idea to begin by defining your audience - the people who will read, see or hear the message in your content. Although often taken for granted, this process is crucial to achieving effective writing - and everything related to what you write will flow out of it.
  • How a 105 year old Poem can Make Your Presentations More Persuasive  By : Robert Greenshields
    Discover a simple and scientifically-proven system for quickly and easily creating persuasive marketing material and convincing business presentations. It's based on a poem written more than 100 years ago.
  • Is Your Fear Of Public Speaking Hold You Back?  By : Faye B. Roberts
    A recent Gallup poll found that 40% of adults have a fear of public speaking. Fear of public speaking can cripple your career since it's almost impossible to be successful in business without having to speak to a large group at some point in time.
  • Overcoming Public Speaking Fears Forever  By : Faye B. Roberts
    The thought of speaking in public makes most people break out in a cold sweat, feel faint, and see spots in front of their eyes. If you have this type of reaction there are a number of strategies you can use to help you overcome your phobia about public speaking.
  • Structure for Speeches and Presentations  By : Vincent Stevenson
    Have you ever wondered why people stop listening to your speech after two minutes? Perhaps they're confused... Where is this speech going? If you did not tell them at the outset you'll have an enormous job to retrieve them. If you need advice on structuring a speech, it's all in here.
  • High Impact Speech Openings  By : Vincent Stevenson
    Winning over your audience is a key skill for any speaker, and you do not have long to make that winning impact. Your audience is your major concern. Without an audience, who needs a speaker? This article gives some tips and advice on how to grab them from your opening statement.
  • How Not to Distract your Audience  By : Vincent Stevenson
    The theme of this keynote article is to recognise the effects that distractions can have on your audience. We all have our verbal foibles, but once we are aware of them, we have the opportunity to either manage or ideally eliminate them. Supreme clarity should be our clear objective.
  • Cut back on Stress with Thorough Preparation  By : Vincent Stevenson
    In so many aspects of life, preparation is the key to success. Actors would not appear on stage without rehearsal, nor singers. So why do so many business people risk their professional reputations with poor speeches and presetations? Discover how to do a good job and enhance your reputation here.
  • First Impressions Count  By : Peter Temple
    Developing rapport is a critical element of any effective presentation. But an even bigger part is the first two seconds you come in contact with your audience. Within that short time, they've already formed an opinion of you. Here are the things you should know in order to influence that initial decision.
  • White Death on the Podium  By : Peter Temple
    If you consistently use white backgrounds in your presentation support visuals, this article is for you! Reading black text on white projected slides has been described as trying to read the lettering on a switched-on light bulb. After a while, it makes the audience stare back at us like “deer caught in the headlights.” Here are all the reasons why you should NEVER anything other than light text on dark backgrounds.
  • Presentations for disaster  By : Vincent Stevenson
    Vince Stevenson discusses a recent TV programme where one of the main characters searching for a £100,000 job gives a poor presentation and effectively destroys his personal credibility.
  • Top 10 Public Speaking Skills  By : Kevin Sinclair
    Is there anything more terrifying than facing an audience of strangers and knowing you have to deliver an entertaining and informative speech?
  • Confident Business Presentations  By : Vincent Stevenson
    Some simple suggestions regarding the preparation of a successful speech. Focusing on your audience will help you get your message across. Ignore your audience at your peril.
  • Public Speaking 101: Speaking Secrets of the Superstars  By : Colleen Kettenhofen
    In this new public speaking article, discover behind-the-scenes secrets great public speakers practice that you can incorporate today! 13 proven tips on public speaking skills, conquering fear of public speaking, and getting results. Whether you're speaking in a small meeting or before a group of 400. Especially beneficial for executives, salespeople, business owners, managers, technical people, nonprofits directors and government officials.
  • How to Give a Dynamic Presentation  By : Raymond Gerson
    The ability to communicate effectively with an audience is more important than ever before. This article provides fifteen tips for giving an excellent group presentation.
  • Feel the Love to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking  By : Deborah Torres Patel
    Are you one of the majorities of people that fear speaking in public? Fear of public speaking has reached extraordinary proportions affecting most people scheduled to stand up in front of people to speak. One technique that some professional speakers practice is to "feel the love in the room". This may sound like a strange suggestion at first. Read on to discover more.
  • Chairman of the Bored...It's Your Choice  By : Ricky Nowak
    If you’ve noticed people not only looking at their watches but shaking them during one of your meetings it’s time to consider the following strategies to wake up and engage the hearts and minds of your staff and family members! There is no compromise on professionalism when delivering information in a meeting these days. Expectations of content, accuracy and accountability are high and people demand to be enlightened and informed – rightly so.
  • How to Give Great Presentations at Work  By : Tony Jacowski
    Easy tips on how to give an excellent presentation at work.
  • Sell Anyone Anything  By : Randy Siegel
    Who we are speaks much louder than what we have to say, for what really sells people on anything is the authenticity of the presenter. Audiences are attracted to authenticity. The more comfortable we are, the more compelling we become. This article examines how being real can help us sell anything to anyone.
  • Public Speaking Training- Six Key Elements to Look for In Any Public Speaking Training  By : Keith Longmire
    Outstanding public speakers are made not born. Public speaking training is essential no matter what your aspirations. Here are 6 elements to check in any public speaking training.
  • Presentation Skills - Keeping the Blackberries at Bay  By : J. Douglas Jefferys
    Successful presentations require proper eye-contact - read more to discover how chances are you've always done it wrong!
  • 5 Steps to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking  By : John Neyman, Jr.
    How to overcome the fear of public speaking.
  • How To Get Rid of Your Fear of Public Speaking  By : Morty Lefkoe
    This article will take you through a process that could help you to get rid of one of the beliefs that cause your fear of public speaking.
  • Public Speaking - The Art of Speech Making  By : Robin Chandler
    How do you speak naturally while all those people are watching you? This document covers hints and tips on public speaking, dealing with anxiety, public speaking skills and techniques and public speaking training.
  • YOU as a Public Speaker!  By : John Neyman, Jr.
    Tips on Public Speaking
  • Stripping for the Audience: Secrets of Great Presenters  By : Randy Siegel
    Some say the secret to being a good presenter is to visualize the audience naked. I say if you really want to be a great speaker, it’s the speaker who must strip for the audience.
  • Presentation Skills Training and Coaching Tips  By : Robin Chandler
    How to present well - A summery of presentation skills training courses for company managers, the use of power point, public speaking and corporate conferences, coaching and design.
  • The Business of Speaking for Profit, Pleasure and Personal Growth  By : Mike Moore
    What public speaking can do for you to improve your personal and professional life
  • The 9 Pillars of Gesture for Public Speaking  By : Jon Weaver
    To master the art of public speaking, you must have mastered the art of gesture. Here are the 9 pillars of gesture to speed you along your way to becoming a world-class speaker.
  • Public Speaking: Use Props to Make Your Presentation Memorable  By : Keith Longmire
    Props used well and appropriately can make your public speaking stand out in the minds of your audience for years to come. Here's one example of the use of a simple prop.
  • Money Talks: How to Build Your Visibility Through Public Speaking  By : Mark Satterfield
    Although many people are uncomfortable with the idea of speaking before a group, it’s a proven method for raising your professional visibility.

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